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Special Edition! Tanabata Box July-August 2017

Get Tanabata Box (Star festival Box), Japan! Food - Snacks, sweets and Special Tea Products - Tanabata Origami, Tanabata Tanzaku (Special paper for writing your wish) and Tanabata Omikuji (Fortune) All products are made in Japan. (produced products, Japan) $24.99 FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Buy Now or Send as a Gift Star Crackers Stars are very important […]


What’s Tanabata (七夕)? Tanabata 7th of July is a special day for Japanese people where we celebrate Tanabata, also known as “star festival”. People celebrate the Tanabata to commemorate the story of two lovers (Orihime and Hikoboshi) represented by two stars, Vega and Altair, who are only allowed to meet each other once a year. In these […]

Osaka Souvenir Box – June 2017

The featured Japanese city for June 2017 is Osaka City! Osaka is the third most populated city in Japan. It is located 550 km west of Tokyo. The city is famous for "Takoyaki" (Japanese ball-shaped chewy snack with octopus meat fillings) and "Okonomiyaki" (Japanese style pizza). It is also considered to be home to the […]