“Experience and Discover Japan”

We are a startup based in Kyoto City, Japan. We started on April 2017 as a social enterprise initiative by promoting inbound Japanese tourism through the sales of specially curated souvenir boxes. We will feature a Japanese city and curate the perfect souvenir box for our customers. Our concept is to let our customers know Japanese culture and the exciting activities and opportunities that they can experience in the featured Japanese cities.

Part of our profit will be donated to local community development activities in rural Japan. Japan by 2100 is expected to lose 34% of its current population, according to the United Nations. In line with this, many cities particularly in rural Japan are experiencing problems with the effects of the shrinking and aging population. To help address this issue, the Japanese government has called for promoting tourism in order to revitalize and to make sustainable communities in Japan. Our business aims to support this social cause. With every souvenir box that you purchase on our website, you become part of the social cause to sustain the local communities and preserve the rich tradition and culture of Japan.

Our logo is the Kanji character “hikari” meaning “light”. Our mission is to bring light to the emerging and growing problems posed by the shrinking and aging population in Japan.